Yea yea you are ready?! :p


    Yea yea you are ready?! :p Empty Yea yea you are ready?! :p

    Post  Guest on Tue May 12, 2009 2:46 pm

    Smile It's me! Let's do like if we never meet and let me an introduction lol:

    RL infos:

    -Name: Eiréné
    -Age: 23 years old
    -country: French island in carribbean sea!(East cost Time)
    -Job: Femme*Fatales vice xD... future First aid worker
    -Like: Eating! Playing! And you girls!
    -Dislike: 8hours maintnance... Soon... spiders...

    IG Infos:

    -Nickname: Orfelia
    -Family Lvl: 19
    -Chars: Vet= Musketer, Musketer, Fighter, Wizzard, Scout, Angie, Grace, Soho, Lisa, Baek-Ho// Futur vet: Elementariste, Fighter(again)

    Well, I decided to use this forum for the events organisation, I hope you will check the infos everydays!


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