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    Post  Guest on Tue May 12, 2009 11:26 pm

    I am a 19 year old living in San Francisco and I try to be online as much as possible. My current family name is ladernierenuit, and I used to play SNW way back in the day and was around lvl 90, but got sidetracked by other mmorpgs. After playing Anarchy and Guild Wars, I had to come back.

    I LOVE farming. Sometimes i will just watch my characters and throw in some skills if needed. I'm weird like that, but somehow grinding is just my thing.

    I'm currently Elem, Fighter, Scout at lvl 37, about to ding and I'm working hard to get to a higher level. I'm always interested in learning new things about the game since it has changed a lot since the beginning.

    I am in school, and finals are these two weeks, so I may be afk a lot, but i'll always get back to you.

    My English can be a bit strange, sorry about it, I learned from reading and living here, so it's not always the best.

    my aim is pizza1418, feel free to add me Smile

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